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Blood Donation Camp

We organized a blood donation camp at our Mahad and Ahmedabad units at DuFlon to
celebrate the birthday of our beloved MD, Shri Rajendra Bhatt Sir.

Our Mahad unit received 30 blood donors, while our Ahmedabad unit received 47 donors.
The success of this camp would not be possible without the generous donations of our

Your generosity saved lives, and we are thankful for you.
It is our pleasure to inform you that our employees were enthusiastic about donating blood. However, due to some
restrictions, only 30 donors could be accepted at the Mahad unit. Nonetheless, we are
pleased to announce this blood donation drive will continue throughout the year. Our
employees are to be commended for being willing to donate blood and for being
supportive of this noble cause.

Our initiatives today, tomorrow, and every day will contribute to human welfare and
environmental protection.