Lining Solutions

Equipment Lining

With nearly two decades of experience in providing Lined Pipes and Fittings products, we have started manufacturing Columns, Vessels and Tanks under the Equipment Lining Solution. Our proven expertise in processing High Performance Fluoropolymers has led to the development of equipment which not only sustains in a highly corrosive environment but also ensures purity, resulting in superior performance.

Our offerings consist of Fabricated Equipment with suitable lining material and internals, depending on the design. We also design equipment on request in collaboration with our customers, which help us in delivering complete solutions. Our ability to provide solutions in different grades of materials allows us to offer cost-effective solutions with high material properties.





Reliability and Safety


Typical Features Our Offerings
Application Corrosive and High Purity Applications
Lining Material Option PTFE, PFA, PTFE, FEP, PVDF, ETFE, ECTFE & PP
Liner Thickness 2 mm to 6 mm
Shell Material Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, etc.
Standards DIN/ANSI/JIS
End Cover options Flat, Conical or Dished
Before sales service Site inspection, layout drawings and BOM
After sales service Onsite repair, maintenance and testing

Fluoropolymer Lining Fluoropolymer Coating
Iso-Static Moulding ETFE Coating FEP Coating
Tranfer Moulding PFA Coating ECTFE Coating
Sheet Lining by Welding PTFE Coating PVDF Coating
**All products are customed manufactured as per the Customer's requirment & product application

Our Product Offerings

  • Shells of Vessels,
  • Columns,
  • Storage Tanks,
  • Mixer Tanks, etc
  • Cover Plates and
  • End Covers

Various Internals:

  • Structural Packings (paul rings,etc.)
  • Support Rings (donut rings)
  • Grid Plates
  • Spargers
  • Liquid collectors
  • Mist Eliminators
  • Downcomers
  • Inlet Feed Pipes
  • Vortex Breakers
  • Others
  • Onsite Repairs & maintenance

Some of our projects: